Why Music.ly changed name to Tik Tok.

Music.ly Was a social media Application. 
Music.ly's headquarter is in Sanghai and it's office in Santa Monica, California. 
Music.ly is a platform to create a short videos and upload in social media to popular.
Music.ly's first prototype was released in April 2014 and Official version was launched in August 2014.Music.ly had over 90 million registered users in June 2016.

TikTok Make Every Second Count

TikTok,bytedance bought Music.ly in November 9 , 2017.
TikTok is not one application it's a combination of two applications Music.ly and TikTok.  and finally its release wuith name TikTok on August 2, 2018.
TikTok is Place to Make a Short Mobile Videos.
if you are intrusted in Acting so TikTok is Best opportunity to give a best Platform to you.
so keep heard working. Nothing is Impossible.

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