How to make Money online

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                       How are you?..I'm your friend Yuvrajsinh Vaghela and you are visited at Knowledgeking site. Today we are here to discuss about How to make money Online. so welcome friends and let's start the lesson.

So, Here is some best way to Make online money

1. Freelancing:-
                           Freelancing has always popular way to earn money online. There are many websites offering freelance task for peoples to earn money. First of all you need to create one Account and then you can apply for task that suits you. You can earn anywhere between $5 to your capacity you can earn from this websites. here is some websites for Freelancing.
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2. Start Your own website:-
                                             There is lots of material available online to help you in creating your own website. in website you can put your ideas or your opinion about any topic. in website you want to tack hosting, Domain, Templates, etc. these all are available online to help you. Once you are ready with your service than sign up in Google Adsense. Google Adsense is help you to earn money online whene visitors visit and click on your websites.

3. Blogging:-
                      Blogging is start with your hobby, your interest, and your passion. There are a number of full time blogger in our country. There are Two way to star blogging. You can either create a blog through Wordpress or Tumblr, which requires no investment and go for a self-hosted blog. in this types of blogging is very effective in your work for make money online.

4. YouTube:-
                     YouTube is one of the way for earn money by uploading videos online. In YouTube you first of all need to create one account in YouTube 
it's called YouTube Chanel. Then you want to add Google Adsense account 
in YouTube chanel. then you an Monetise your Chanel. It helps you to make money online by views and clicking on add by viewers.

5. Selling Your Products Online:- If you want to sell online products, you can do it by making your website. Since there is a lot of competition and many existing websites are already catering to this market, one can be considered as an attempt to create a place in the context of the products. Or, you can use a forum like Amazon, Flipkart to sell. Can increase accessibility and visibility through an affiliate marketing.
6. PTC sites:-
Many websites provide advertisements (after the minimum level of earnings) by clicking on ads. Therefore, they are called a paid-to-click (PTC) site. One must be registered before the project starts. All these sites can not be real, so be careful. Anyone can refer to friends and earn money in the process. Some such sites are, BuxP and NeoBux are some of the PTC sites.

7. Data entry:- Although this line of work has been seriously threatened with automation, data entry jobs are available in India. It's a simple job that you can do online, and no special skills are required. You only have the ability to focus on one computer, internet connection, fast typing skills and details. Most freelancing websites list these jobs, and you can sign up for any of them starting from 300 rupees to 1,500 rupees per hour.

8. Content Writing:- Online platforms can be a good starting point. Based on the quality of the articles, a payment is made. Someone may be asked to work on articles with specific guidelines. Develop a place in your area of ​​expertise and build strength in that domain to increase the revenue stream.


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