How to Create Micro Niche blog for Make Money online

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Hello Friends,
                       How are you?..I'm your friend Yuvrajsinh Vaghela and you are visited at Knowledgeking site. Today we are here to discuss about What is Micro Niche and How to make money with creating micro niche blog or site. so welcome friends and let's start the lesson.

We all know about websites. in websites there are many categorised in the websites like Niche site, Niche-less site, Micro niche, etc. If you want to make a authoritative niche site you requires time, patience and lots of dedication. You want perfect strategy, perfect Planning and some experience about your niche. after a Google algorithm changes niche sites are performing really well.if you want to rank on Google top page you want to create quality micro niche site or blog.

About Micro-niche Sites or blog:-
              Creating Micro niche site is a effective way to earn money online. Niche sites is based on specified topic or specified Keyword. this types of sites make more traffic on your site and helpful to increase your money in your wallet. you can use any monitization techniques like Google Adsense, Affiliate program, CPA and many more.

There are many topics for creating a micro niche sites:-

  • Hosting Coupons
  • Next Online sale
  • Next Update of specified device
  • Make money online
  • etc.


You want some qualities for creating a micro niche site:-

Right keyword for domain name (You can use keyword tools for that)
If you have no idea about your keyword and you want to  know what is the best keyword for your niche site so you can use some keyword research tool witch is easily available online.

Niche topic and Content
First of all you want to analyse some articles for collecting information about your niche topic. so take time, analyse some sites regarding your topic and then create a site i sure you definitely get the good result.

Monitizing the site (like Adsense,Affiliate program,etc)
After you created your niche site you want to monitize your site for money. Obtusely you are working for money so third part is Monitizing your site into Google Adsense, Affiliate program,CPA and many more platforms.

Google ranking of your site
The last and final stage of creating micro niche site is Google ranking of your site. You can use Google Analytics tool for that and you also use Google Webmaster tool for that. this types of tools
are help to your site for rank on google top pages.

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